Here at Huff

Independent venture demeanor.
Huge business vision.



Our founder started his professional career with a consulting firm and learned a great amount with diverse industries, technologies, and strategies.  Great Experience!  However, this experience opened our eyes to possibilities of improved business and staffing models for the employers (quality and cost-effective) and employees (more personalized and engagement).  Huff Consulting was formed.


Primary Owner: Sandy Huff has been the primary owner and decision maker for Huff Consulting since 2010.  She has taken a company established with $2,000 and developed a business model to produce sustainable revenues and long-term growth.

Founder/Co-Owner: Randall Huff established a foundational model and value system that has resonated with employers and employees alike over the past 10+ years.  He believes that relationships start with a firm introduction handshake and lead to lifelong business partnerships and friendships. 


Huff Consulting has been recognized with many achievements and recognitions by various professional groups and organizations.  We are continuously recognized as a high value and ethical partner!

We are excited to have you as part of our team whether it be a business partner needing recruiting assistance, a candidate looking for their next career move or an employee that is helping make a positive difference for themselves & our company.